2021 Winners

2021 | From idea to reality

About Ascalia

A one-stop-shop solution for industry 4.0

Working with Digital Catapult enabled Ascalia to explore new industry verticals and test new approaches to challenges in food safety that would not have been possible otherwise.

What success looks like


£860,000 investment raised

Product Development

Evolved from the industry standard of one-time payments to a licensed model that grows with the client

New Business

Secured contracts with major manufacturing companies, including partners in Switzerland and Germany


Seven new employees hired

2021 winners statement

Hear from Ascalia on what winner a Digital Catapult Award in 2021 means

Reducing waste and improving quality

Ascalia uses AI and IoT to help the manufacturing industry increase productivity, reduce waste and address quality issues through efficiency analysis and optimisation, production tracking and predictive maintenance.

Food safety and quality inspection have not seen much innovation in recent years. Ascalia’s novel approach brings the latest technology into the factory, securely providing AI-enabled quality control capabilities without a large capital investment. The team is applying their industry and technology expertise to address specific quality and production challenges in F&B, woodworking and metalworking.

"Working with Digital Catapult allowed us to work with an industry partner (Sainsbury’s) on a very challenging problem in their industry, using novel technology and approach, something which otherwise would not be possible had we decided to do it ourselves.”

Marin Bek, CEO, Ascalia

Detecting issues in real time

Ascalia worked with Digital Catapult on the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator Sainsbury’s challenge to improve food safety and quality. The AI quality inspection system paired hyperspectral imaging with their AI to detect food spoilage and other quality issues in real time, directly on the production line.

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