Demonstrating the power of advanced digital technology

The Digital Catapult Awards shines a spotlight on the most exciting high growth startups and scaleups who have been through our industry-leading programmes.

Digital Catapult is the UK authority on advanced digital technology

Through collaboration and innovation Digital Catapult has the immense privilege of discovering and nurturing the next generation of leading technology companies.

We make sure that innovation thrives and the right solutions make it to the real world. The Digital Catapult Awards cohort of startups and scaleups demonstrate the depth of work and exciting outcomes from across the advanced digital technology stack: in immersive technologies, future networks, artificial intelligence and distributed systems. Our programmes and community are driving responsible change and real-world impact, are experiencing the highest growth and traction, and are making an impact across industry.

The Digital Catapult Awards celebrates the fantastic impact stories coming out of our programmes, the best of the best, creating a list of the most innovative startups that demonstrate the richness and talent the UK tech community has to offer.

Awards focus

The Digital Catapult Awards celebrate the trailblazing companies that have been involved in our industry-leading programmes and innovation activities.

Achieving significant market traction and investment

We’re recognising companies that are gaining significant foothold in industry and are rapidly growing as a result.

Building new products, solutions and experiences

The awards shine a spotlight on innovative small businesses developing and building inspiring solutions and creating new markets.

Addressing pressing business challenges

We’re identifying and nurturing inventors and entrepreneurs, and supporting them to tackle genuine commercial needs.

Disrupting traditional industries

The finalists are making waves in their target industries – from presenting a novel cross-technology solution to bringing a fresh perspective to an old problem.

Championing the UK's startup ecosystem

The finalists represent the diversity and richness of the UK’s technology ecosystem.

Award categories

Discover the five award categories that demonstrate the depth of cross industry impact and the startups who are making a difference

Finalists and winners of Digital Catapult Awards must demonstrate the following criteria:


Has this company shown the ability to work across industry or sector? Has it worked with partners or internationally?

Diversity and inclusion

Does this company proactively seek inclusion and diversity in its staff and the design of its solutions?


Does this company exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit?


Does this company consider sustainability in its own business and solutions?


Has this company demonstrated the ability to monetise and scale?

Impact and leadership

Does this company demonstrate a significant contribution to its sector or industry?


Does this company stand out from the crowd? Is it unique, original and exciting? How innovative is it?


Does it help solve a problem or industry challenge? Has it created a new business model or helped open up a new market?

Making an impact, creating change

From our finalists to our winners, all of the Digital Catapult Awards cohort demonstrate real impact and success, showcasing some of the most exciting digital technology solutions.

Our team of expert judges

Our judging panel is formed of a wide range of leaders at the forefront of our rich and diverse tech scene. Find out who’s involved and what it takes to be a Digital Catapult Award judge.


  • Can I apply to be considered for the Digital Catapult Awards?

    All companies that have participated in Digital Catapult innovation activities and programmes will be considered. You do not need to apply.

  • How will the Digital Catapult Awards support trailblazer companies?

    Winning a Digital Catapult Award is a mark of credibility and industry recognition as a trailblazer startup or scaleup. Award winners will be able to use the Digital Catapult Award’s Winner or Finalist logo in marketing. Being shortlisted as a finalist or winning an award will provide access to Digital Catapult’s extensive network including prospective investors, partners and clients.

  • Can I come to the Awards ceremony?

    If you would like to attend the ceremony and haven’t received an invitation by 1 November please register your interest. This is an exclusive invitation-only event so this does not guarantee your place.

  • Will the awards be online or in person?

    Due to capacity and current restrictions we plan to run the event as a hybrid event, we are taking registrations of interest to attend online or in person. We will review registrations and confirm online or in person spaces.

  • Why is the ceremony by invitation only?

    As with all Digital Catapult activity, our main objective is to foster relationships between startups, scaleups, corporations, investors, academia and other stakeholders to support the adoption of advanced digital technology in the UK. As this event has a maximum capacity we want to ensure that the guests are individuals who will mutually benefit from attending.

  • How were the judges selected?

    Digital Catapult works with the brightest and the best thought leaders and experts across industry and technology sectors. We have created a diverse panel of individuals from across our network to evaluate the companies, each with their own unique perspective.

  • How has diversity and inclusion been considered in the creation of the Digital Catapult Awards?

    Digital Catapult champions diversity and inclusion because we feel a range of perspectives is a good thing for society and a good thing for business. Diversity and inclusion have been key considerations that have shaped our choices as we have developed the awards programme, including the judging criteria.

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Digital Catapult Awards is run by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology