Digital Catapult helped axial3D raise investment of $3 million

About Axial3D

axial3D is a 3D printing firm that helps to transform the pre-operative planning and patient consent process while making 3D printing routine for complex cases. Its mission is to improve the quality of care that hospitals provide by giving clinicians easy access to patient-specific 3D models.

What success looks like

How Digital Catapult’s programme has led to commercial success for axial3D

3D printed models

Won four year contract supplying 3D printed models to University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and Wessex Heartbeat

Brand exposure

Brand exposure on the BBC, ITV News, UK national newspapers, USA national news and European news

Award winning solutions

Won multiple industry and technology award

$3 million

axial3D closed investment of $3 million

Part of

Axial3D has been part of the following Digital Catapult programmes:

Machine Intelligence Garage


A quote from the team

“Working with Machine Intelligence Garage has allowed axial3D to accelerate the development of our software solutions. In addition to the increased compute resources, the help from Machine Intelligence Garage in terms of design and marketing is also extremely important for our company.”
Dr. Niall Haslam, CTO, axial3D

From the judges

The judges were impressed with the multiple industry and technology awards that it has won for its transformative technology. Part of the Machine Intelligence Garage programme, axial3D is now helping to transform quality of care, and has contracts with multiple NHS foundations and hospital trusts.

More about axial 3D and their work

axial3D is changing the digitisation of the healthcare industry with machine learning enabled solutions to prepare data for medical printing. With the development of targeted, anatomically specific computer vision algorithms to drive standardisation of image segmentation, axial3D helps to improve the accuracy of 3D prints, and ultimately to increase the market adoption of medical printing. axial3D’s vision is for “every healthcare provider to have fast and easy access to expert medical 3D printing that improves surgical outcomes for patients.”

Machine Intelligence Garage provides axial3D with access to on-demand cloud compute resources and the latest GPU technology. This resource allows axial3D to rapidly iterate on its machine learning training and increase the data throughput. Digital Catapult also recently invited axial3D to SXSW to present a patient case with a surgeon who uses axial3D for planning complex cases. Giving axial3D a platform to share its story with hundreds of people.

Digital Catapult Awards is run by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology