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2021 Winners

2021 | Responsible and Ethical Tech Pioneer

About Charisma Entertainment

Using the language of storytelling

Charisma is a platform for creating interactive stories with believable virtual characters.

What success looks like

Product Development

New consumer-facing model now in testing


Named as a Createch Ones to Watch (DIT Power of Ten) and winners of the XR Stories competition (WarnerMedia)


Partners and clients in the UK, US, Canada and across Europe, including producers, broadcasters and universities


Pioneering work with the television industry (including the BBC, Sky and WarnerMedia) continues

2021 winners statement

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Making virtual interactions more engaging

Unlike contact-centre focused chatbot solutions, Charisma gives characters emotion, memory and stories that resonate with audiences – a capability needed by brands and media companies wanting to create engaging and compelling characters that are a part of a rich story universe. Players and audiences can meet them, converse with them, and change the story. This requires a unique approach to AI, integrating it with storytelling and creative processes.

"Digital Catapult has opened up opportunities in the UK and beyond across AI, creativity and research."
Guy Gadney, Co-Founder & CEO, Charisma

Reaching a new generation of audiences

The company makes significant contributions to education, research and ethics in AI, as well as diversity and social impact initiatives. Their activities – including running Writers Labs, creating digital theatre options during lockdown, and founding the Collaborative AI Consortium – promote digital creativity to writers, publishers and producers, helping to educate and entertain a new generation of audiences.

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