Forest Tribe

About Forest Tribe

Creating high-quality immersive experiences

Forest Tribe makes high quality immersive entertainment accessible for all, supporting health and wellbeing.

What success looks like


Seven new employees hired


Funding from Arts Council England

New Business

In talks to partner with organisations in Sweden and the U.S.

2021 winners statement

Hear from Forest Tribe what it means to be a Digital Catapult award winner

Immersive learning experiences

The digital XR platform helps Edtech, schools and live social events, using augmented reality, 5G, haptics, AI and spatial sound to create high-quality immersive experiences that can reach new and diverse audiences with complex learning needs.

"Digital Catapult has played an instrumental role in supporting, platforming and scaling our product to reach new markets and audiences. For small businesses such as Forest Tribe, it would not be possible to access such resources and gain visibility."
Debbie Bandara, CEO, Forest Tribe

Applying wellbeing throughout industry

Forest Tribe has worked extensively across several sectors including health, education, theatre, digital, media and entertainment.

Digital Catapult Awards is run by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology