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2021 Winners

2021 | Transforming Industry

About Fracture Reality

Effective 3D collaboration

Fracture Reality leverages VR and AR technology to facilitate virtual collaboration using complex 3D data.

What success looks like


Profitable from day one


One of the youngest businesses to have Gold status as a Microsoft technology partner

New Business

Expanded to reach new markets and audiences


Grown an international, multi-sector client base, with major engagements in the UK, Singapore, UAE and the US

2021 winners statement

Hear from Fracture Reality on what it means to be a Digital Catapult Award winner 2021

Making complex data accessible

Fracture Reality’s virtual collaboration platform, JoinXR, enables non-expert users to browse, manipulate and discuss data – such as building plans, product designs or 3D scans – in an intuitive 3D environment. Enabling more stakeholders to get involved earlier in planning and design processes has significantly extended the potential market within non-engineering sectors (including healthcare, retail and logistics), and within the non-engineering roles and divisions of large organisations.

The company has been generating revenue for over five years, and over the last two years has pivoted from an agency-driven approach to being product-driven. Adopting a SaaS, cloud-hosted model has led to a more affordable and scalable proposition for clients.

"Digital Catapult has been a fantastic connector for us… as evangelists for immersive tech, they have been instrumental in connecting us with other startups driving innovation and with industries benefiting from it."
Rob Minson, CTO, Fracture Reality

Promoting the advantages of immersive technologies

Members of the Fracture Reality team have regularly shared their expertise and experience on panels and at events (both tech and non-tech), including Digital Construction Week, the Labour Party Conference, Mobile World Congress 2019, and the launch of Digital Catapult’s own Immersive Lab in 2017.

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