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2021 | From growth to scale

About Greyparrot

Unlocking the value of waste

Greyparrot provides AI waste recognition software, using computer vision to monitor, sort and audit large waste flows at scale.

2021 winner statement

Hear from Greyparrot on being a 2021 Digital Catapult Award winner

What success looks like


$5.3 million seed funding


$650,000 in government funding


Now deployed in UK, Italy, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Morocco, and Egypt

Accelerating the circular economy

Greyparrot is digitising an industry that has relied heavily on manual processes, using cutting edge AI-based computer vision to monitor and sort recyclables at scale, automating and optimising recycling processes to unlock the value of waste, increase recycling rates and accelerate the circular economy.

The solution provides waste analytics and new insights previously unavailable to waste managers, producers and regulators. This information can be used to increase recycling rates, reduce the costs of manual sampling and inform on waste being generated end-to-end.

“Digital Catapult has supported us in many areas, including helping to refine our pitch and introductions to key investors.”
Mikela Druckman, Co-founder & CEO, Greyparrot

Increasing purity for greater profitability

Greyparrot also helps material recovery organisations to increase purity, which improves income: a 5% increase in purity of processed waste sold downstream can double or even treble their revenue. The open API enables integration with any third-party system to add large-scale AI cognitive intelligence to existing software or mechanical waste sorting infrastructure.

Through Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme, Greyparrot received valuable support with AI acceleration, and $100,000 of credits from programme partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help develop essential machine learning algorithms.

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