Working with Digital Catapult enabled to develop new products and expand into new markets overseas


An industrial artificial intelligence company making mining operations efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted and open AI solutions. Its platform and applications are used across mining operations in Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and South Africa with a focus on the mine-to-marketing value chain.

What success looks like

How Digital Catapult’s programme has led to commercial success for

Train new models

Significantly enhanced the ability to train new models and therefore speed up the development of new products

Solved interoperability challeng

Solved interoperability challenge to successfully deliver joint venture with Kazakhstan Government

Export market

Built an export market for UK AI solutions

Internation growth

Doubled headcount and expanded to three offices in Latin America, Kazakhstan and Spain


Demonstrated its claims to be a cloud-agnostic platform

Part of is part of the following Digital Catapult programmes

Machine Intelligence Garage


A quote from the team

“Working with the Digital Catapult allowed us to expand our cloud-based software offering and gave us access to computational resources and tools that we otherwise wouldn’t have had. This allowed us to expand our technical team and consequently development new products for the mining industry to move into new markets.”
Dr. Grant Kopec, Field Operations Director,

From the judges

The judges commented that this company demonstrated an impressive international reach and projected growth rate. One of Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme cohort members – access to compute power and expertise helped this company to develop new products and build a global export market. It has doubled headcount and expanded internationally.

More about and their work has developed a unique software that improves the efficiency of processes throughout the mine-to-market value chain. Support from Digital Catapult and the UK’s Department for International Trade has helped to expand is cloud-based product offering. was able to make its products cloud-agnostic and access machine learning resources for model training that it would not have otherwise been available. This was made possible through the access to AWS provided by  Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme. As a result, was able to expand its technical team. Additionally, it was able to win contracts in Kazakhstan and Chile based on its cloud-agnostic offering. This helped to build an export market for’s innovative AI solutions. 

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