IOT Solutions Group

Digital Catapult has helped IoT Solutions grow and scale

About IoT Solutions Group

IoT Solutions Group is an end to end IoT solution provider. It is not just a systems integrator, it develops and delivers its own IP across the whole IoT value chain – hardware, software and network connectivity.

What success looks like

How Digital Catapult’s programme has led to commercial success for IoT Solutions Group

€58,000 FED4SAE grant

Received €58,000 FED4SAE grant to support product development

Lasting relationships that matter

Formed strong working partnerships with other innovative businesses

Working directly with local authorities

Competed in and won three local authority challenges

Digital Catapult - Future Networks Lab showcase

Showcasing product in Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Lab to be seen by visiting corporations, innovators and potential customers

Workshops with councils

Hosted a workshop for 17 councils at Digital Catapult 

Target market reached

Gained traction with target market early on

Part of

IoT Solutions Group has been part of the following Digital Catapult programmes

Future Networks Lab




LPWAN Testbeds

A quote from the team

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the opportunities and support given to us by Digital Catapult. It has opened doors for us and given us the ability to grow and scale. We have been on quite a journey during the past 18 months and are incredibly excited to be travelling our chosen path. Thank you!”
Emma Mahy, CEO & Co-Founder, IoT Solutions Group

From the judges

The judges commented that IoT Solutions was very responsive to today’s client demands and provided a range of solutions. Now working with a range of organisations and local authorities around the UK, this company was part of the LPWAN testbed. Digital Catapult supported it to grow and scale, after receiving a €58,000 grant to support product development across the whole IoT value chain.

More about IoT Solutions Group and their work

IoT Solutions designs and manufactures its own sensing devices; it displays data from devices on its software dashboards in a meaningful way; it listens to its customers, making sure that it is addressing their pain points – thus saving its customers time and money.

IoT Solutions works with Digital Catapult and has competed in three local authority challenges, winning all three. The company features as one of Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Lab startup showcasing companies. Having worked with Digital Catapult for an extensive period it has also participated in marketing bootcamps and investor breakfasts, and is now working with Digital Catapult as its Cascade Partner having won FED4SAE funding to further develop one of its core products.

Working with Digital Catapult has hugely impacted IoT Solutions supporting the company to gain traction within its target market early on and had the chance to market the product throughout Europe with two major new business leads as a result. 

Digital Catapult Awards is run by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology