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2021 Winners

2021 | Game changing application

About Keyless Technologies

Enabling password-less authentication

Keyless Technologies helps organisations to enhance security and compliance without compromising on user experience.

What success looks like


30 new employees hired


Funding from several rounds has raised $9.2 million

Product Development

New product capabilities have been added


Over 20 active deployments, including large financial institutions and insurance companies

2021 winners statement

Hear from Keyless Technologies what it means to be a Digital Catapult Award winner 2021

A privacy-first solution

Multi-factor authentication solutions are becoming commonplace, as organisations work to mitigate a rise in threats caused by compromised and weak credentials. Keyless Technologies is a deeptech cybersecurity company building a privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management platform that serves the full spectrum of workforce and consumer authentication use cases.

The biometric technology provides secure, intuitive and consistent multi-factor authentication for employees and consumers, eliminating the need to process and store biometric data by combining multi-modal biometrics with advanced cryptography and a distributed cloud architecture.

“Start-up life can be daunting and with Digital Catapult, you get to meet peers who are all in the same situation. Plus access to experts who test your thinking, coach your presentation style, product and go-to-market strategies - that is invaluable and has helped Keyless get to where we are today.”

Access to resources and a learning community

As well as enabling the team to connect with startup peers, Digital Catapult experts tested Keyless Technologies thinking and provided valuable coaching on presentation style, product development and go-to-market strategies.

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