Specialist 5G support from Digital Catapult has influenced Mativision’s product design and positioning of its services

About Mativision

Mativision, a specialist in interactive 360° content and applications (VR/AR and MR), is emerging as a UK pioneer in 5G services. Its 5G-ready immersive content delivery platform leverages 5G’s capabilities to enable the creation and delivery of immersive social experiences to global audiences.


How Digital Catapult’s programme has led to commercial success for Mativision

Seed investment £655.000

Raised total seed round investment £655,000

£120,000 funding 5G Smart Tourism

Received £120,000 funding to participate in 5G Smart Tourism project and develop a 5G-enabled version of its immersive content streaming platform

40% increase sales revenue

40% increase sales revenue in the past 18 months

Export revenue increased

Export revenue increased by 75%

£312,000 R&D

Participated in funded R&D projects of a total of £312,000

Part of

Mativision has been part of the following Digital Catapult programmes




5G Festival


5G Smart Tourism


5G Testbed Accelerator


A quote from the team

“Digital Catapult is a most valuable partner for Mativision. Apart from serving as a continuous source of information and market knowledge for us, it is also an invaluable provider of technical support and business expertise, which allows us to aim for growth and expansion to new market sectors.”
Anthony Karydis, Founder and CEO, Mativision

From the judges

A UK pioneer in cross-technology applications, this company was part of Digital Catapult’s 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme and the 5G Smart Tourism project. Mativision has seen a 40% increase in sales revenue in the past 18 months and raised total seed round investment of over £650,000. The Platinum Awards judging panel commented how this company’s 5G-enabled immersive content streaming platform is changing how audiences experience content. 

More about Matavision and their work

London based Mativision, is a privately-owned company that has been producing and delivering interactive 360° content and immersive applications to global clients for more than a decade. From live entertainment to enterprise training and medical education its clients include Facebook, Google, Samsung, FOX, MTV, Universal, Warner Bros, Vodafone, Unilever, Novartis, Jeep, Fiat, Coach and others. Mativision is widely recognised worldwide as the trusted partner for the live streaming of events in virtual reality. Mativision has developed the first 5G-ready immersive content delivery platform which enables the creation and delivery of exciting live-streamed immersive social experiences to global audiences. 

Through the 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme Digital Catapult helped Mativision to align its product roadmap with the 5G roadmap. The specialist 5G support provided by Digital Catapult has influenced Mativision’s product design, helped it repurpose and position its services and solutions for the future, generate new business leads and build its brand awareness in new and existing markets.

Digital Catapult Awards is run by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology