Smartify’s business valuation has increased by 300%

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About Smartify

Smartify is a free app which helps people connect with art. Users can scan artwork with a smartphone and, using Smartify’s image recognition technology, unlock the stories behind the art, create a digital personal art collection and share with the Smartify community. Smartify delivers immersive visitor experiences.


How Digital Catapult’s programme has led to commercial success for Smartify

300% increase in valuation

Valuation of business increased by 300%, 30% as a direct result of working with Digital Catapult

Award winner

Winner of three Webby Awards

Angel funding

Angel funding received

UN World Summit

Won the UN World Summit Award for Culture and Tourism

Over 150 global museums

Smartify is actively working with 150 museums globally

0.5 million users

Over half a million active users

A quote from the team

“Since we joined the Digital Catapult programme, Smartify’s company valuation has increased by approximately 300%. We attribute at least 30% of this increased value to Digital Catapult.”
Anna Lowe Co-Founder, Smartify

From the judges

Playing a key role in Digital Catapult’s creative industries showcase and the pioneering 5G Smart Tourism project, the judges noted that Smartify has seen its valuation rocket by 300%. 

Actively used by half a million people around the world, and found in more than 150 museums globally from the Louvre to the Hermitage, this company is recognised as the Shazam and Spotify for art.

More about Smartify and their work

Smartify instantly identifies artworks by scanning them on a smartphone. It works closely with over 150 museums globally to deliver immersive visitor experiences that are smart and sustainable. Featured in publications including BBC, The Guardian and The New Scientist, Smartify has been named ‘the Shazam and Spotify of art’. The app currently has over half a million active users.

In February 2017, Smartify began working with Digital Catapult when it was selected as a showcase company on Digital Catapult’s Contributor Programme. Since then the companies have also collaborated on the 5G Smart Tourism project where Smartify was a use case and has jointly presented on numerous discussion panels and workshops.

Since 2017, the company valuation has increased by approximately 400% from £1 million to £5 million. Smartify attributes at least 30% of this increased value to Digital Catapult. It has introduced Smartify to investors and provided training in pitching – this led indirectly to closing its current round. The Catapult has also supported Smartify on successful bids to InnovateUK and the EU Horizon 2020 programme. Smartify also met many useful collaborators within the AR, Immersive, Creative Industries and academic sectors at the Digital Catapult offices and benefited from press launches organised by the catapult, featuring Smartify, which have driven its initial uptake and growth.

As well as direct financial value from professional services, Smartify has also seen a huge value from the credibility and impact of being a startup associated with Digital Catapult. The opportunities and doors that have opened as a result of Digital Catapult are hard to quantify.

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